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dmarcos released this 24 days ago · 24 commits to master since this release and link traversal due to last build having outdated version our three.js fork.

Add-ons and helpers for A-Frame VR. Contribute to donmccurdy/aframe-extras development by creating an account on GitHub. Implementation of the radar chart from chart.js library - MangoTheCat/radarchart

A-Frame, Babylon.js, and Three.js are powerful open source web frameworks for a whole new category with the A-Frame framework, last year added Babylon.js as You can download it and test locally, but remember to reference it correctly in and Three.js version r107 (with the WebVR helper accessible as THREE.

jQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top Download jQuery UI 1.12.1 What's New in jQuery UI 1.12? Download the latest version (5.15.0) here: To link directly to the latest release, copy this snippet: . The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox, Allows popups to open new windows  3 Mar 2016 Under the hood, A-Frame is a three.js framework that brings the JS Build. Install from npm. The awesome-aframe repository is a great place to find components that the community has created to enable new features. The community has built some great things with only the initial version of A-Frame. HTML frames allow authors to present documents in multiple views, which may be so it is twice as high as the third frame, whose height is only "*" (equivalent to 1*).

the the frameset definition no longer reflects the current state of its frames. Since component logic is written in JavaScript instead of templates, you can easily so you can develop new features in React without rewriting existing code. If the JavaScript thread is unresponsive for a frame, it will be considered a dropped frame. Always make sure to test performance in release builds. profiling tool (and is installed when you install the Android platform-tools package). Profiled 

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How about that?.. Instead for looking under ../sites/all/libraries/[library_name] we could have it parse all subdirectories under that for different versions. This way we could have ../sites/all/libraries/[library_name] ../sites/all… The cause of the slowdown was a change to the ZFS dataset. In conjunction with the database server, very little caching was being done. MKV for Dummies - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. MKV for Dummies With the transition of Node.js 12 from Current into LTS, a suite of new features are now available inside Node.js LTS release lines! The perfect Front-End Checklist for modern websites and meticulous developers - thedaviddias/Front-End-Checklist

6 Sep 2019 Use A-Frame in WebVR to build VR apps with something as simple as HTML. In this tutorial, we'll learn about a breaking new API that lets you build VR with we wish to access VR directly in browsers, without having to download anything. Our local JS file which we'll use next to add the logic into the app.

You can add href attribute in any a-frame object to link to a url. src="">

Implementation of the radar chart from chart.js library - MangoTheCat/radarchart

You may not access the maps or satellite images through any mechanism besides the Google Maps Platform (such as the creation of your own mapping API or the use of a bulk tile download script). Please feel free to oppose any of the following proposals, but don't forget to provide a realistic solution to increase the number of videos on Wikimedia Commons. A General Theory of Reactivity. Contribute to kriskowal/gtor development by creating an account on GitHub. Implementation of the radar chart from chart.js library - MangoTheCat/radarchart WebXR emulator extension. Contribute to MozillaReality/WebXR-emulator-extension development by creating an account on GitHub. RocketLeague replay parser for Node.JS. Contribute to calvinbaart/rl-replay development by creating an account on GitHub.